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Whether you want to update the look of a few interior rooms, transform the exterior, or handle the painting needs of your entire commercial project, you can trust the experienced painters of Greenbrush. It’s important to us that you’re satisfied with the materials we use and our quality of workmanship. That’s why we offer a two-year guarantee on our work.

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Paint can transform any room or exterior—from light and bright to warm and cozy or any shade in between. Our experience includes both new and older homes. We strive to keep as neat and clean of a work environment, as possible. In addition, since it’s essential to keep you and your neighbors safe, we use low/no VOC paint and have received Lead Certified training in accordance with EPA laws.

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From new construction to renovation, and from multi-tenant to commercial office space, Greenbrush Painters has served the commercial market for more than two decades. Because we’re sensitive to the growing demand for low/no VOC paint, and other operational green practices, we comply with local codes and the more demanding LEED practices. Our goal is to provide a beautiful, healthy interior environment at a reasonable cost.


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