Paint is a wonderful product.

The right paint adds protection and beauty to the exterior, and makes the interior a beautiful expression of your personality. Paint delivers a true reflection of you through the colors, the attention to detail and the obvious care with which it is applied.

Paint is the thin veneer that brings together architecture and a building’s furnishings to create the perfect environment for you and your family.

And paint, amazing paint, can also protect more than the building. It can protect you and your family by eliminating harmful chemicals, and it can protect the environment by being applied properly and stored or disposed of in a safe, secure method.

Welcome to GreenBrush Painters. We think you’ll find us to be a colorful breathe of fresh air.


Meet Scott Schmitt, Founder, GreenBrush Painters

Scott Schmitt is well known in Central Indiana for his 16-plus years painting residential and commercial buildings, and has earned a reputation for superior quality and commitment that remains unsurpassed.

Scott’s interest in living a greener, more sustainable life with his wife and two children helped direct his attention to making his business greener, too. And he quickly became and advocate of using greener paints and stains, and operating other aspects of the business in a way that was beneficial to his customers and the environment.

And the more he learned about the harmful consequences of unhealthy indoor air, convinced him to make the commitment to use only very low, or zero VOC paints.  This encouraged him to change the name of his company to GreenBrush Painters.

Scott makes sure that every person who works for the company is well-versed in the green ethos that flows through every aspect of his business (and of course, in his personal life as well).